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The coffee table styles pictured below and on the other pages of this section can be designed and built for you in the dimensions of your choice. Tina welcomes commissions to custom build and custom weave furniture. Contact Tina directly to commission a custom-designed coffee table.

Twisting and Turning is a coffee table designed and built by master weaver Tina Puckett

Twisting and Turning Coffee Table  (2011)

H 16" W 43" D 18"

The undulating lines of this dynamic piece of hand-crafted furniture are achieved by strategically placing twisting elements of bittersweet vine interlocked with each other to achieve sturdiness and artistic beauty. Each leg consists of two bittersweet vines twisted together. The table's center is anchored by a magnificently twisting large piece of bittersweet vine which Tina has then "wrapped" in three additional twists of bittersweet vine. The table is designed to hold a 24" x 48" piece of beveled glass. Glass not included.

View this table from the other side.

Price: $1,800.00.

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