Septenary Islands


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Septenary Islands is a collection of 7 one-of-a kind woven works designed to gracefully fill a wall space approximately 10 to 15 feet long or a tall narrow wall space. Drag-and-drop the blue magnifying glass below on any island to view an enlargement of that island. Drag-and-drop any island to reposition it, creating your own custom arrangement of islands.

Each of the Septenary Islands is framed in bittersweet and then woven, layer upon layer, with reeds in fall-tone dark reds, rich oranges, golden yellow, chestnut and dark green. This "Dimensional Weave" style of weaving layer upon layer was developed by Tina. The Septenary Collection pictured above has been sold, but a custom-designed islandscape can be woven for you in the numbers, sizes, and colors of your choosing. Please contact Tina directly to commission a custom-designed islandscape.

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