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Tina welcomes commissions. No two pieces can be exactly alike, but they can be similar and dissimilar in ways that appeal to you. Pictured on these five pages are examples of pieces Tina was commissioned to make and the originals on which they were based.

Original work, the landscape Autumn by Tina Puckett The commissioned piece islandscape based on Autumn
Original piece Commissioned piece

A couple from Massachusetts saw and very much liked Tina's mountainscape Autumn, pictured above on the left, but they wanted to place the piece above their sofa and needed that mountainscape to match the upholstery on their sofa. The result was the mountainscape pictured above on the right, for which Tina dyed the reeds she would weave the commissioned piece with the many different colors that appeared in the fabric swatch the couple had provided to her. While the weaving in the original piece had mixed the many colors of reeds together in a tighter and closer pattern, Tina wove in the reeds in the commissioned wall sculpture more in clusterings of the separate distinct colors of the fabric swatch in such a way as to suggest the shape, scale, and color of the flowers in the upholstery fabric. The couple also requested that more curvy pieces of bittersweet be used to frame their mountainscape. View an enlargement of the commissioned piece pictured with the upholstery swatch Tina used for color-match.

If you see a mountainscape, landscape, or islandscape wall sculpture pictured here in Tina's website that you like, whether that piece is available for purchase now or has been sold, Tina will gladly make you a similar piece customized according to your own choice of colors, materials, size and design.

You are invited to browse the product-category sections of Tina's website and imagine the woven work you would like to have. Tina looks forward to making you that piece!

To discuss your commissioned piece, please contact Tina now by telephone at (860) 309-6934, or email Tina at

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