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The headboard styles pictured below and on the other pages of this section can be designed and custom-crafted for you in the sizes and colors of your choice. Tina welcomes commissions to custom build and custom weave headboards, matching end tables, and other furniture. Contact Tina directly to commission a custom-designed headboard.

Abstract, a custom-built and custom-woven headboard by master basket weaver Tina Puckett of Winsted, CT

Abstract  (2011)

H 57" W 55" D 5"

This headboard has been designed to fit a full-size mattress. The posts are made from a black birch tree, and the dramatic top of the headboard is a very large twisted piece of bittersweet vine. Tina has used reeds of varying widths and varying colors to weave the backboard itself in an abstract pattern, embellished in its topmost layer with circles made from reeds of a consistent color. Woven using reeds in the colors of yellow, orange, light green, purple, dark blue, and burgundy -- all colored with dyes Tina mixes herself to achieve the colors she wants.

View an enlargement of the construction detail of this headboard. View more construction detail.

Price: $1,800.00.

Sold, but commission a similar piece

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