Late Fall Islands


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The Late Fall Islands Collection of 13 one-of-a-kind islands woven by Tina Puckett were on display at Good News Cafe in Woodbury, Connecticut summer 2008 (pictured below). A custom-designed islandscape can be woven for you in the numbers, sizes, and colors of your choice. Please contact Tina directly to commission a custom-designed islandscape.

Tina Puckett's Late Fall Islands collection of islands being displayed at the Good News Cafe in CT

Late Fall Islands (2007)

This collection of 13 one-of-a kind woven works is designed to gracefully fill a wallspace approximately 20 feet long. Varying in size and shape, these islands may be purchased as a complete set for $3,200.00, or may be purchased as individual woven wall sculptures or in a grouping consisting of any number of these islands which fit gracefully on your wall. Each island is framed in bittersweet and then woven, layer upon layer, with reeds in fall-tone yellows, oranges, browns, burgundy, and dark green.

Open the interactive page where you can drag, drop and rotate the individual islands to customize an arrangement of these islands which fits gracefully on your wall. This interactive page also contains size and price information for each island if purchased individually, as well as functionality to enlarge any island to better see its construction detail.

Price: $3,200.00 for the entire collection.

Sold, but you may commission a similar piece

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