Small Pocket Wallhangers

($50 - $100)

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The pocket wallhanger style that is pictured below can be woven for you in the size and colors of your choice. Tina always has some pocket wallhangers available for immediate sale. Please contact Tina directly to make a purchase or commission her to craft a custom woven pocket wallhanger for you.

Red Door Pouch, a small pocket wallhanger woven by basket artist and master weaver Tina Puckett

Red Door Pouch (2006)

H 18" W 11" D 6"

This wallhanging basket has a great pocket to hold all sorts of goodies such as remotes, keys, mail, etc. Woven all in red and accented with feathers on both sides of the god's eye. Handle and frame of bittersweet.

View enlargement.

Sold, but you may commission a similar piece

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