Tiki Bars


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The tiki bar style pictured below can be designed and crafted for you in the size and colors of your choice. Tina welcomes commissions to custom build and custom weave tiki bars, and other furniture. Contact Tina directly to commission a custom-designed tiki bar.

The tiki bar Twisting and Turning built and woven by master weaver Tina Puckett of Tina's Baskets in Winsted, CT

Twisting and Turning  (2009)

H 37" W 60" D 15"

A truly unique piece of furniture! Three great, curling pieces of bittersweet vine wind themselves perfectly around woven tubes to strikingly ornament the front of this tiki bar. The background to the twisting vines is woven, layer upon layer, in the "Dimensional Weave" technique which Tina developed herself. Reeds used in this piece are in the colors sea foam green, lilac, plum, wine, country blue, pink and yellow. The top is a finished pine board with a matching shelf on the inside. With multiple uses, this piece also makes a handsome sideboard.

View Twisting and Turning from the back. View an enlargement of its construction detail. View more construction detail.

Price: $1,800.00.

Sold, but commission a similar piece

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