Whimsical Wallhangers

($250 - $400)

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The whimsical wallhanger styles that are pictured below can be woven for you in the size and colors of your choice. Tina always has some whimsical wallhangers available for immediate sale. Please contact Tina directly to make a purchase or to commission a custom woven whimsical wallhanging sculpture.

Hoops 'n Loops, whimsical wall-hanging sculpture by master basket weaver Tina Puckett

Hoops 'n Loops (2006)

H 17" W 26" D 6"

A piece of bittersweet vine intertwined and then woven through in the color of plum, with spokes in the colors lavender and smoke. This sculpture looks great hung either horizontally or vertically.

View horizontal enlargement.
View vertical enlargement.

Sold, but you may commission a similar piece

Continuous Wave, a whimsical wallhanger by Tina Puckett of Winsted, CT

Continuous Wave (2005)

H 23" W 17" D 6"

One continuous weave where there is no beginning or end. Woven in seafoam green with spokes of yellow and danish cord.

View enlargement.

Sold, but you may commission a similar piece

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