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The mountainscape styles pictured below can be woven for you in the size and colors of your choice. Tina sometimes has mountainscapes available for immediate sale. Please contact Tina directly to make a purchase or commission her to make you a custom mountainscape.

Man at Peace, an early landscape by master weaver Tina Puckett

Man at Peace (1993)

H 30" W 26" D 10"

After the Fisherman (below) I wanted to create another scene, but with more weaving in it. And I wanted it to be two-sided. I thought that man would be at peace fishing, and that a woman gathering what she happened upon would also find peace in doing that. I wove the boat, the fisherman, and his baskets, and used a mushroom for the beach. I wove the woman, her umbrella, and a basket for her gatherings. Pine was used for the grasses, and different size mushrooms for the coastlne. Seedlings and tiny shells added finishing touches.

View a construction detail.   View another construction detail.

Sold, but you may commission a similar piece

The Fisherman, an early landscape by Tina Puckett of Winsted, CT

The Fisherman (1992)

H 40" W 40" D 10"

This is the beginning of the series of landscapes. Walking through the woods one day I came upon a piece of bark that looked like a face. In an instant I looked around at the trees' bark and wanted to create a scene around that face with the different barks. I created a large grapevine wreath for the frame and wove a flat surface inside the wreath. I attached birchbark to the surface and painted it blue to create sky and water. I used hickory bark to create clouds, oakbark and maple to create mountains. The bridge I wove from reeds and cane. The face became a fisherman, given woven baskets for his catch. I surrounded the fisherman with different grasses and seedlings.

View a construction detail.

Sold, but you may commission a similar piece

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